Everything Else Postcards

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Item # Else4 Inside the Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, Calif. Good condition Unposted Item # Else6 Open Air Motel Good condition Unposted Item # Else8 Wishbone for Good Luck Surface wrinkles, worn edges Posted in 1907 Item # Else10 Kind thoughts. Picture of Sail boats Worn corners Posted in 1910 Item # Else15 Painting of farm house and trees in the Spring. Wrinkled and worn edges Posted in 1907 Item # Else25 Anemone Peeking Worn corners and edges Posted in 1994 Item # Else45 Australian Ballot Postcard Worn corners Posted in 1911 Item # Else51 Postcard from church Linen Good condition Unposted Item # Else54 Flaming tokay grapes Worn corners, surface dirt Posted in 1913 Item # Else55 Kumquats grown in Texas Good condition Unposted Dated 2/22/9 Item # Else56 The Books of the Bible Back does not have a postcard format Contains list of books of both testaments Item # Else57 Postcard from church for Rally Day Stain on left edge Unposted Item # Else66 The Volcano Worn corners Posted Item # Else72 Sunday School message Linen Good condition Unposted but has message and address Item # Else73 God Bless you in His Service Good condition Unposted Item # Else74 Religious message, Heb. 12:1, 2 Good condition Unposted Item # Else75 Religious message, Little Lamb Good condition Unposted but has message and address Item # Else76 Sunday School missed you Good condition Posted in 1951 Item # Else78 A curve in the road and a hillside... Unidentified river scene Good condition Unposted Item # Else81 Postcard Folder The Fabulous Date Story 12 views Good condition Unposted Item # Else84 Country House and scene Postcard has been mounted on heavy cardboard There is no postcard format on the back Good condition Item # Else89 Poem about not getting a letter Good condition Posted in 1911 Item # Else93 Placque of Jenny Lind Chapel, Andover, Illinois Good condition Unposted Item # Else95 Viewing the Country Fox Hunt Surface is scratched Posted in 1909 Item # Else96 Setting sun on the desert Worn edges Unposted Item # Else97 The Start for Home Windmills and fisherman Worn edges Posted in 1908 Item # Else98 Dangerous Waters Large sailboat on ocean waves Worn corners and edges Posted in 1908 Item # Else99 Picturesque America, Thousand Islands Worn corners and edges. Surface spots Posted in 1910 Item # Else100 A Quiet Spot River scene Surface cut Posted in 1910 Everything Else Postcards, Page 2 Back to the Dollar Postcard Store