Flower Postcards

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Item # Flowers1 Bouquet of Mums Good condition. The message is from a postcard collector to a postcard collector. Posted in 1979 Item # Flowers11 A Rhododendron Bush, Washington Worn corners, unposted Item # Flowers12 Colorado Columbines and Aspens Linen, good condition, unposted Item # Flowers13 Phono Planter Surface scratch and dirt Unposted Item # Flowers14 Butterflies and trumpet vine Good condition Posted in 1964 Item # Flowers15 Table set for a party Surface crease and bent corner Postmarked in Sweden Item # Flowers21 Red Flowers Embossed Worn corners and edges Posted in 1912 Item # Flowers23 Apple Blossoms Worn corners Unposted Dated 1916 Item # Flowers25 Quilted postcard of two flowers Good condition Unposted but has message in Swedish Item # Flowers26 Teddy Bear Cholla Cactus Damaged surface Posted in 1961 Item # Flowers28 Jumping Cholla (desert cactus) in bloom Good condition Unposted Item # Flowers29 Cacti on the desert Good condition Unposted Item # Flowers29a Cacti on the desert Good condition Posted in 1963 Item # Flowers31 Organ Pipe Cactus Surface stain Unposted Item # Flowers32 Fishhook Cactus, pink flowers Good condition Unposted Item # Flowers33 Cacti and desert flora of the Great Southwest Good condition Unposted Item # Flowers35 Various Species Cactus seen on the desert Good condition Unposted Item # Flowers36 Saquaro Cactus Flowers Good condition Unposted Item # Flowers37 Green Pincushion Cactus Good condition Unposted Item # Flowers38 Saguaro's attain fantastic shapes during their long reign of life Good condition Unposted Item # Flowers39 Saguaro's Blossoms Good condition Unposted Item # Flowers43 Bluebonnets of Texas and poem by Lucy Hopkins Good condition Posted in 1957 Item # Flowers45 Sand Verbena Good condition Posted in 1962 Item # Flowers47 Violets, pansies, lily of the valley and carnations Worn edges Undivided back Unposted but addressed Item # Flowers48 Big sparkly purple iris "Ruth" written in sparkles Good condition Unposted but has address and message Item # Flowers51 Pink Roses and Psalm 23 Good condition Unposted Item # Flowers52 Yellow Roses and poem Good condition Unposted Item # Flowers54 Yellow Roses and "Alice" in gold Good condition Unposted but has address and is dated 1910 Item # Flowers55 Pink Roses and Lily of the Valley Surface dirt and bent corner Back has paper adhered to it Unposted. Item # Flower56 A cluster of prunes Good condition Unposted Item # Flower 60 Desert Mallow Scotch tape along top edge Posted in 1997 Item # Flower 61 Ladyfinger Cactus Serrated left edge Scotch tape along top edge Posted in 1997 Item # Flowers 62 Red, white, and blue bouquet Good condition Unposted Item # Flowers 63 Desert Country Cacti Continental size Good condition Unposted

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