Oregon Postcards

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Item # OR3 Wahkeenah Falls, Oregon. This postcard has edge wear and surface crazing. Unposted. Item # OR4 Columbia River Gorge. This postcard has edge and corner wear. Unposted. Item # OR9 Portland lights reflecting on the Willamette River Good condition Unposted Item # OR10 Entrance to driveway, City Park, Portland, Oregon Worn edges and corners Posted 1910 Item # OR13 New County Courthouse, Portland Worn corners and edges. Stamp missing. Posted in 1914 Item # OR14 The Grotto, Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother, Portland Linen postcard is in good condition Unposted Item # OR18 Mt Hallett and Bear Lake Good condition Posted in 1967 Item # OR21 Looking South from the Lookout Worn Edges Unposted Item # OR23 Grand Canyon of the Snake River, Northeastern Oregon Good condition Unposted Item # OR25 Four postcards from a book. They are: Crown Point, Crater Lake, Ecola Park, and Fish Ladder. Worn edges Unposted Item # OR26 Entrance, Rose Festival, Queen's Court, Lambert Gardens, Portland Linen postcard in good condition Unposted Item # OR29 Repro card of High Wheel logging to the railroad near Bend, 1922. Good condition Unposted Item # OR30 Tolovano Park, Sheriff's Posse on the beach Good condition Unposted Item # OR34 Portland aerial of MAX entering downtown New postcard in good condition Unposted Item # OR35 The Grotto Linen postcard, good condition Posted in 1952 Item # OR38 A herd of horses at roundup time in Pendleton Good condition Unposted Item # OR39 Portland street scene looking North on 6th Avenue Good condition Unposted Item # OR40 Grandma's Unique Family Dining, corner of Denney and Hall Blvd, Beaverton Worn corners Unposted Item # OR43 A Northwest Sawmill and Log Pond Worn edges, unposted Item # OR44 Latourell Falls, visible from Columbia River Highway Linen posted in good condition P1953 Item # OR45 Bishop Cap at Shepperd's Dell Linen postcard Ink stains on surface Posted in 1949 Item # OR51 Bridalveil Falls Good condition Unposted Dated 1916 Item # OR52 Upper North Silver Creek Falls Good condition Posted in 1915 Item # OR55 Clear Lake Worn corner Posted in 1916 Item # OR57 Willamette Falls Surface creases Posted in 1916 Item # OR64 YWCA and YMCA buildings, Portland Worn corner Unposted Item # OR69 Moonlight on Rogue River surface cracks, slight warp Unposted Dated 1915 Item # OR75 Loganberry Ranch, Aspenwall's, Marion County near Silverton Good condition Unposted but addressed and has message Item # OR79 An Oregon Bungalow Good condition Unposted Dated 1916 Item # OR82 Three attached postcards of Portland, Mt Hood, and Washington Park Good condition Unposted Item # OR83 Rogue Valley Manor (interior), Medford Good condition Unposted Item # OR84 Three attached postcards of Forestry Building (2 scenes) and Garden Theatre Good condition Unposted Item # OR89 Postcard Folder Greetings from the Grotto, Portland 12 scenes Good condition Unposted Item # OR90 Alpine Chalets, Otter Rock Good condition Unposted Dated 1976 Item # OR92 Diamond Lake & Mt Thielsen Good condition Unposted Item # OR93 Rogue Valley Manor, Medford Good condition Unposted Item # OR94 Rogue Valley Manor interior, Medford Good condition Unposted Item # OR96 Mt Hood Good condition Posted in 1982 Item # OR97 Portland, aerial view Good condition Unposted Item # OR99 George Flavel house, Astoria Good condition Unposted Oregon Postcards, Page 2

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