French Surnames VERCHEVAL BREARD MARCOUX/MARCO GONION/GONNION Geographical areas France Canada California: Los Angeles County and San Francisco County Iowa: Clinton County, Fremont County, and Keokuk County Illinois: Jersey County Nebraska: Douglas County and Sarpy County Texas: Hidalgo County Vermont: Grande Isle County German Surnames STEINER/STONER GUELLEMANN/GILLMAN Geographical areas Germany California: Kern County Colorado: Rio Grande County Illinois:, Macoupin County Michigan: Berrien County Missouri: Atchison County and Dade County Pennsylvania: Cumberland County Texas: Harris County. My first family history book, "The Stoner Family of Atchison County, Missouri," can be read on microfilm at any Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints family history center. I am currently compiling two more family history books. They are "The Gillman Family of Carlinville, Illinois" and "The Vercheval Family of Keokuk County, Iowa." ----------------------------------------------------- Here is a brief outline of the information to follow: My Grandparents Mollie and Frank Gillman Their descendants Lillie and Pierre Vercheval Their descendants My Great-grandparents John & Ellen Stoner Their Children Andreas & Marie Gillman Their Children Jean Louis & Marie Vercheval Their Children Joseph & Rose Gonion Their Children * Mary Florence (Mollie) STONER was born October 9, 1869 in Atchison County, Missouri. Her Parents were John and Ellen (MARTIN) STONER. Mollie was the fourteenth of sixteen children. Her siblings were: Crosby, Catherine, Mary Ellen, Benicia, Ginevra, Van Doren, Lucretia, John George, Lila, Austin, Nelson, Ulysses, William, Sarah, and Charles. John STONER was born in 1816 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, the son of George and Polly STONER. Ellen , born in Stark County, Ohio, was the daughter of Thomas and Hannah (WHITE) MARTIN. Mollie's first husband was Tulbert CROSS (1862-1898). They had one child: Helice CROSS (1888-1910), who married Michael Herbert GORDON (1880-1926) and had one child: Reeves Doyle GORDON (1910-1941). * Frank GILLMAN was born Fredrich Wilhelm Augustus GUELLEMANN on September 10, 1838 in Brunswick, Germany. His parents were Andreas and Maria Elsie GUELLEMANN. Frank was the fourth of eight children. His siblings were Henry, Henrietta, Christina, Cunrod, Carrol, Wilhelmina, and Gonradine. The whole family immigrated to the U.S. in 1846, settling in Carlinville, Macoupin County, Illinois, where they farmed and raised sheep. Frank moved to Hamburg, Iowa and owned a bank. He also served in the Iowa House of Representatives for one session. Frank's first wife was Mary Emma BIRKBY (1845-1884). They had eight children: Charles, Edwin, Ionia, Frankey, Luetta, Lala, Baby, and Mary Emma. After his first wife's death, Frank married Mollie Stoner. Mollie and Frank, my maternal grandparents, were married on December 1, 1898 in Hamburg, Iowa. Mollie and Frank Gillman * Lillie M. GONION was born on February 16, 1871 in Grafton, Illinois. Her parents were Joseph J. and Rose (MARCO) GONION. She had one brother, Joseph, who was born on July 24, 1864 in Lyon County, Iowa. Joseph Senior was born in Canada c1837 and worked in a mill. Rose was born in Vermont c 1838. Lillie's second marriage was to John Arthur GRAY (1883-?). * Pierre VERCHEVAL was born in Keokuk County, Iowa on October 10, 1864. His parents were Jean Louis and Marie (BREARD) VERCHEVAL, both born in France (c 1811 and c1815.) Pierre had three siblings: Victor, Ada, and Elizabeth, all born in France. Jean Louis and Marie, along with their three oldest children, immigrated to the U.S. in 1863, settling in Lafayette Township, Keokuk County, Iowa. They farmed in Section 21. Pierre moved to Omaha, Nebraska and co-owned a tobacco store. Lillie and Pierre, my paternal grandparents, were married on January 17, 1894 in Omaha, Nebraska. Lillie Gonion Vercheval Gray with her second husband, John Arthur Gray. ----------- THE DESCENDANTS Pierre and Lillie VERCHEVAL's descendants: 1. (son) George Edward VERCHEVAL (1895-1977), married ........Lillian Fae GILLMAN SMITH (1900-1989) Fae Vercheval (1900-1989) and George Vercheval (1895-1977) ...(grandchildren) Billy Lee VERCHEVAL (1921-2002), Betty Ann VERCHEVAL, ........(1923), Jean Fae VERCHEVAL (1926-1986), Joan VERCHEVAL (1932) The Vercheval kids c1933. Billy, age 12; Jean, age 7; Joan, age under 1; and Betty, age 10. The Vercheval kids as adults: Bill Vercheval (1921-2002) and Betty Vercheval (1923) Jean Vercheval (1926-1986) and Joan Vercheval (1932) ...(great-grandchildren) (Bill Vercheval's children) Susan Gayle VERCHEVAL (1947), Mark Steven VERCHEVAL (1950-1972), "> (Betty Vercheval's children) Brian VENGRIN (1951), Corey Paul VENGRIN (1955), "> (Jean Vercheval's children) Terry Alan HOLTON (1954), Timmy Jay HOLTON (1958-1993), Julie Beth HOLTON (1959) (Joan Vercheval's children) Richard Scott BUDZIANOWSKI (1953), Louise Ann BUDZIANOWSKI (1955) ...(great-great-grandchildren) (Susan Vercheval's children) Samuel Bradley MIZE (1967), Todd Alan MIZE (1970), (Brian Vengin's children) Zoe Kristeen VENGRIN (1974), Adam VENGRIN (1980-2005) (Corey Vengrin's son) Michael VENGRIN (1974) No picture available (Terry Holton's children) Laura Jean HOLTON (1987), Mark Richard HOLTON (1989), Beth HOLTON (1995) (Julie Holton's children) Nicole Jean TRUAX (1986), Alison Rene TRUAX (1990) (great-great-great grandchildren) (Samuel Bradley Mize's children) Megan Mize (1999), Madelyn Mize (2001), Macie Mize (2005) 2. (son) Frank Allen VERCHEVAL (1896-1971), married Sara Elizabeth SCOTT (1898-1998.) No children. This is a picture of Frank Vercheval Frank and Mollie GILLMAN's descendants: 1. (son) Gilbert Emerson GILLMAN (1896-1978), married .........Florence Lema WEST (1898-1978). They adopted one child. This is Gilbert Gillman ...(grandchild) Gloria Jean GILLMAN (1943) adopted. 2. (daughter) Lillian Fae GILLMAN (1900-1989), first married Earl Russell SMITH (?-?). Child Richard Eugene SMITH (1918-1920). Fae then married George Edward VERCHEVAL (1895-1977) ............See VERCHEVAL (above) for descendants

JOHN AND ELLEN (MARTIN) STONER John Stoner was one of the pioneers of Atchison County, Missouri. He was born in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania on October 6, 1816. His parents were George and Polly Stoner, both of Pennsylvania. When he was seventeen years old, they moved to Stark County, Ohio. John then moved to Sangamon County, Illinois and kept moving west until 1843, when he came to Atchison County, Missouri and purchased a farm. The farm originally encompassed the land now occupied by High Creek Baptist Church and Cemetery near Rock Port, Missouri. On April 19, 1846 John married Elenor "Ellen" Martin, the daughter of Thomas and Hannah R. (White) Martin. Ellen was born in Pickaway County, Ohio on January 25, 1830. In 1850, John went to California and for two years engaged in mining. Ellen died on July 14, 1885 at the age of 55. John died on June 14, 1894 at the age of 78. They are both buried in High Creek Cemetery. John and Ellen had sixteen children: The Children of John and Ellen Stoner 1. Crosby "Doc" was born February 11, 1847 in Atchison County, Missouri. He married Lydia CHASTAIN on February 22, 1868 and divorced in 1869. Crosby then married Catherine CROUSE on December 31, 1874. Catherine was born on April 30, 1849 in North Carolina. Crosby was a farmer and druggist. He was also a veteran of the Civil War, serving in the Union Army as a Private from March 8, 1865 to August 31, 1865 He died on August 18, 1905 in Hamburg, Iowa at the age of 58. Catherine died on August 6, 1933 at the age of 84. They are buried in High Creek Cemetery in Atchison County, Missouri. They had eleven children: Hattie Florence, Donald Carlos, Bessie Armista, Sadie Mae, Catherine Belle, Manley Crosby, Freddie, Earl, Willie, Nell, and Ralph. 2. Catherine "Kate" was born on May 10, 1849 in Atchison County, Missouri. She married Don C.PATTEN on August 22, 1869. Don was born November 16, 1841 in Lee County, Iowa. They had no children. Don died on October 29, 1904 and Catherine died on January 12, 1934. They are buried in Greenhill Cemetery in Rock Port, Missouri. 3. Mary Ellen was born September 2, 1850 in Atchison County, Missouri. She married William Preston BROWN, a farmer, on December 25, 1870. William was born on March 10, 1844 in Morristown, Tennessee. He was a Civil War veteran, entering service for the Union in May 1862 and having been mustered out in 1865. William died on January 9, 1922 and Mary Ellen died on December 3, 1922. They had twelve children: Eva Vesta, Lula Belle, Katie Lee, Nellie Grace, John Lee, Crocket Carter, Earl Wyatt, Everett Boss, Myrtle Iva, Opal May, Fletcher Lewis, and Claude Ortle. Descendants of Mary Ellen Stoner Brown 4. Benicia was born June 14, 1852 and died on February 11, 1854 at the age of 20 months. She is buried in Steiner Cemetery in Atchison County, Missouri. 5. Ginevra "Jenny" was born January 11, 1854 in Atchison County, Missouri. She married Albert Grundy BROWER, a farmer, on March 12, 1874. Albert was born October 29, 1842 in Schuyler County, Missouri. Ginevra died December 22, 1887 at the age of 34 of phlegmasia dolens following a premature birth. Albert married two more times and had more children. He died on January 13, 1923 at the age of 78. Ginevra and Albert had eight children: Lillian Florence, John Stoner, Louella, Charles Virgil, Mattie "Melvina," Maud, George, and the stillborn child (name unknown.) 6. Van Doren was born April 8, 1855 in Atchison County, Missouri. As a very young man, Van Doren moved to Bakersfield, California and worked for Jack Ellis. He married Mr. Ellis' daughter, Alma ELLIS in June 1882. They divorced in 1902. Van Doren died on May 20, 1913. Alma was born in 1865 and died in September 1945. They had three children: Adele, Blanche, and Vining Barker. Descendants of Van Doren Stoner 7. Lucretia was born January 2, 1857 in Atchison County, Missouri. She married Lewis KLOUS on October 8, 1876. Lewis was born on August 25, 1852 and died on October 1, 1919. Lucretia died on February 5, 1917. They are both buried in High Creek Cemetery in Atchison County, Missouri. They had three children: Katie Lee, Austin Foster, and a baby who died at 10 days of age (name is unknown.) Descendants of Lucretia Ann Stoner 8. John George was born on September 8, 1858 in Atchison County, Missouri. He was a farmer. He married Mary Maude MOORE on March 16, 1884. Mary was born on September 28, 1865. John George died on January 14, 1915 at the age of 56. Mary died on July 1, 1944. They had six children: Lawrence Curtis, Ernest Harry, Verna Belle, Lewis Klous, Ella Marie, and an infant who died at birth. The following pictures are of John George Stoner and his wife Mary Maude Moore Stoner. Descendants of John George Stoner More Descendants of John George Stoner 9. Lila Jane was born February 1, 1860 in Atchison County, Missouri. She married James A. POINDEXTER on February 16, 1879. Lila Jane died on May 15, 1899. She is buried in High Creek Cemetery in Atchison County, Missouri. They had five children: Daisy Dean, Alma E., Louis, Ethel, and Lynn. 10. Austin Foster was born January 23, 1862 in Atchison County, Missouri. He moved to Bakersfield, California in 1879. He married Ella STARK on March 23, 1887. Ella was born on November 12, 1862 and died on September 7, 1952. Austin died on July 2, 1915. They had five children: Viola Eleanor, Reginald Carlyle, Loraine K. "Lefty," Carroll, and Dorris M. See Kern County, CA GenWeb for a more complete biography of Austin and his sons. Descendants of Austin Foster Stoner 11. Nelson Hopkins was born on October 5, 1863 in Atchison County, Missouri. He moved to California and married Nannie THOMPSON on August 6, 1886. He died on March 12, 1933. They had at least two children: James and Vera. 12. Ulysses Grant was born on May 27, 1865 in Atchison County, Missouri. He married Mollie Josephine NOBLITT on January 23, 1887. Mollie was born on June 12, 1865 and died on May 19, 1945. Grant died on July 19, 1933. Both are buried in High Creek Cemetery in Atchison County, Missouri. They had six children: Ernest Guy, Earl Lee, Eunice Faye, Ella Leona "Leo," Gilbert Oral, and Beulah Marie. Descendants of Ulysses Grant Stoner 13. William "Mack" was born on September 1, 1867 in Atchison County, Missouri. He was first married to Lillie WATTS on February 4, 1890. They had two daughters: Genetta and Olive. William and Lillie divorced in 1894. William then married Sudie RASNER on February 13, 1895. Sudie was born on March 31, 1871 and died August 14, 1912. William died on April 10, 1926. Both William and Sudie are buried in High Creek Cemetery in Atchison County, Missouri. They had three children: John Harold, Infant son who died at birth, and Infant daughter who died on August 14, 1912. People in front of car - left to right: Mariella Laidley, Mrs Austin F. Stoner, Mrs Will Stoner, unknown child, and Will Stoner. 14. Mary Florence "Mollie" was born on October 9, 1869 in Atchison County, Missouri. She married Tulbert E.CROSS on October 10, 1886. Tulbert was born May 7, 1862 and died September 25, 1898. They had one child: Helice. Mary then married Frank GILLMAN on December 1, 1898. Frank died on May 20, 1914. He is buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery in Hamburg, Iowa. Mary died on November 22, 1924. She is buried in High Creek Cemetery in Atchison County, Missouri. They had two children: Gilbert Emerson and Lillian Fae. This picture of Mollie was taken while she was in her twenties: 15. Sarah Viola "Sadie" was born April 18, 1871. She first married Charles S. GIBBS on December 20, 1893. Charles was born on January 2, 1872 in Mexico, Missouri and died on November 17, 1912. He is buried at High Creek Cemetery in Atchison County, Missouri. They had two children: Hallie and Boose (later changed to Bruce.) Sarah then married Edward V. Kuntz who was born on February 25, 1859 in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania and died on March 26, 1946. Edward is buried in Linden Cemetery. Sarah died on November 17, 1958 and is buried in High Creek Cemetery in Atchison County, Missouri. Descendants of Sarah Viola Stoner 16. Charles Clayton was born April 7, 1873 in Atchison County, Missouri and died July 17, 1874 at the age of 15 months. He is buried in Steiner Cemetery in Atchison County, Missouri. ANDREAS AND MARIE (LOHMANN) GUELLEMANN/GILLMAN Andreas Guellemann was a sheepherder in Brunswick, Germany until he immigrated with his family to Carlinville, Illinois, in 1846. He was born in June 1801 in Germany and died on October 6, (year unknown.) Elise Marie Lohmann was born on July 31, 1810 in Hanover, Germany and died on 8/2/1889 in Carlinville, Illinois. Andreas and Marie are buried in Zion Luthern Cemetery in Carlinville. After arriving in the U.S., the Guellemann family modified their surname to Gillman. Andreas and Marie had eight children. The Children of Andreas and Marie Gillman 1. Heinrich Casper "Henry" was born in Brunswick, Germany on November 6, 1831. He married Katherine Sinholy in 1858. Katherine was born March 7, 1834 in Hanover, Germany and died March 23, 1923. They moved to Dade County, Missouri in 1869, where he owned 1,040 acres of land and a home in Lockwood. Henry died on July 19, 1907. Henry and Katherine had seven children: Emma, John, Charles, George, Frank, Sophia, and Elizabeth. This is Henry Gillman: 2. Henrietta was born in Germany in 1833. She married Heinrich Dietrich on August 31, 1852 in St Louis, Missouri. 3. Christina was born in Germany in 1837. She married Henry Winter (1830-6/4/1910) on May 7, 1857 in Carlinville, Illinois. Christina died in 1923 at the age of 85 years, 11 months, and 2 days. Henry was 80 years old when he died. 4. Frederick Wilhelm Augustus "Frank" was born in Brunswick, Germany on September 10, 1838. In 1867 Frank moved to Hamburg, Iowa and worked for Mr. Walker at the general store. He later purchased a half interest in the store and eventually owned it in total. Frank married Mary Emma Birkby, Mr. Walker's step-daughter, on July 28, 1869. In 1890, he bought the Bank of Hamburg. Frank and Emma had 8 children: Charles, Edwin, Ionia, Franky, Luetta, Lala, Baby, and Mary Emma. Emma died in 1884. These are pictures of Mary Emma: On December 1, 1898, Frank married Mary Florence "Mollie" Stoner Cross, some 31 years his junior. On May 20, 1914, Frank died of cancer at the age of 75. Frank is buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery alongside his first wife and children of his first marriage. Frank and Mollie had two children: Gilbert Emerson and Lillian Fae. This is Frank Gillman: 5. Cunrod was born c1839 and died young. 6. Carl Heinrich "Charley" was born in Brunswick, Germany on May 5, 1843. He married Maria Hauer (1/25/1854 - 12/30/1887) on May 19, 1872. Mary died in Carlinville, Illinois of consumption at age 33 years, 11 months, and 6 days. Charles stayed in Carlinville, where he owned a mercantile business, a farm, and was the town's mayor from 1897 - 1899. They had 5 children: Wilhelmina, Henry, Franklin, Charles, and Baby. Charley's second wife was Emma Breymann. They married on February 6, 1889. Charley died on April 17, 1903 in Carlinville, Illinois. Emma died on August 6, 1936. They resided at 706 E. Main in Carlinville and had four children: Marie, Flora, Lieda, and Lambert. This is Charles Gillman: 7. Wilhemina "Minnie" was born in Germany in 1846. She married Adolph Tiefenbruch on September 9, 1867. Adolph Henry Tiefenbruch was born on May 16, 1843 in Hesse Daronstadt Germany and died on March 20, 1882 in Carlinville, Illinois of drowning. Wilhemina died on August 21, 1898 at the age of 52. Both Wilhemina and Adolph are buried at Zion Luthern Cemetery in Carlinville, Illinois. They had 8 children: Wilhelmina Floradina "Dina," Carl Heinrich "Charles," Marie Henrietta Lina "Marie," Henrietta Bertha "Bertie," Wilhelmina Johanne "Minna," Adolph Heinrich "Emil," Friedrick "Frank," and Emile Margarette Johan "Millie." 8. Cunrod Dean "Dina" was born in Germany on August 21, 1848. She died September 9, 1872 at the age of 24 in Carlinville, Illinois. Her headstone, located in Zion Luthern Cemetery in Carlinville, shows her name as "Gonradine Guellemann." This is probably the original spelling. She never married.
JEAN LOUIS AND MARIE (BREARD) VERCHEVAL Jean Louis Vercheval, born c1811 and Marie Breard born c1815 were both born and married in France. In 1863 the couple, along with their three children, Victor, Ida, and Eliza, immigrated to the U.S. and settled in Keokuk County, Iowa. Jean Louis was a farmer. Their fourth and last child, Pierre, was born in Iowa. Jean Louis and Marie Vercheval's Children 1. Victor was born in France on October 22, 1848. He married Tempie Adams, who was born August 22, 1852. Victor was a horse trader. Tempie was born in Illinois, the daughter of Matthew and Matilda (Hinline) Adams of Kentucky. Tempie died on March 8, 1919 and Victor died on May 19, 1919. They had 3 children: Edna, Ira, and Eddie. 2. Ada was born in France c1850. She married Mr. Carmack and lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 3. Liza was born in France c1855. 4. Pierre was born October 10, 1864 in Keokuk County, Iowa. He married Lillie Gonion on January 17, 1894 in Omaha, Nebraska. He owned a tobacco shop in Omaha for a time but he was predominently a gambler. Lillie was a seamstress. They divorced and Lillie married John Arthur Gray. Lillie and John moved to California. Pierre died on April 1, 1936 in Bellevue, Nebraska. Lillie died on April 1963 in El Monte, California. Pierre and Lillie had 2 children: George Edward and Frank Allen. JOSEPH AND ROSE (MARCO) GONION Joseph J. Gonion was born in Canada, c 1837. The name Gonion has been spelled in various ways, including Gunyon, Gonyon, and Gonnion. Joseph, a mill worker, married Rose Marco around 1863. Joseph and Rose separated and Joseph never again contacted his children. Rose was born c1838 in Vermont and died on December 15, 1915 at age 77. Rose is buried in an unmarked grave (Lot 2 Block 36) in Bellevue Cemetery. Joseph and Rose had four children. Joseph and Rose Gonion's Children 1. Joseph J., Jr. was born July 24, 1864 in Clinton County, Iowa and died March 5, 1936, age 71 in Bellevue, Nebraska. Joseph married Lena Leota Lane on September 26, 1887 in Bellevue, Nebraska. Lena, whose parents were Thomas Dodson Lane and Mary Ellen Sebern, was born January 25, 1872 in Red Oak, Iowa and died September 13, 1948 in Omaha, Nebraska. Joe and Lena are both buried in Bellevue Cemetery. They had 5 children: Ada Mae, Gertrude Belle, Joseph Elmer, James Ernest and Estelle "Stella." 2. Lillie M. was born on February 16, 1871 in Grafton, Illinois. She married Pierre Vercheval in Omaha, Nebraska on January 17, 1894. Lillie died in April 1963 in El Monte, California and Pierre died in April 1936 in Bellevue, Nebraska. They had two children: George Edward and Frank Allen. Lillie divorced Pierre and then married John Arthur Gray of Bellevue, Nebraska. They moved to California. 3. Unknown 4. Unknown